My Work

Updated: Oct. 16, 2018 >>> recent items on top.

Some new things going on: First, I moved to new shop & home in an area 60 miles North of Spokane, Washington. Getting the shop set up, so the rest of Fall & Winter is going to be a little weird for me. That’s ok - with a major move, I have major new thoughts on my business plan: good, healthy thoughts.

I’ve been thinking of introducing a new chef knife that is going to be in the $850 price range that will still be 100% hand-forged, ground & finished by me and completely worthy of my “M.S.” (mastersmith) Stamp. It won’t be a forged-integral, but will be very nice.


  • For 2019 my logo will have a change that will distinguish it from the previous year… I just don’t know what it is yet. TBD…

  • For 2018, My kitchen knives have a change in logo placement: "Rader" will be on the right, front-side of the blade in Japanese fashion, and steel-type will be on the left (or back-side.) [On knives that have texturing, I’ll just try to put the logos where-ever I can find room.]

  • From June 2010 - Dec, 31 2017 my knives & swords had the “Rader” on the left, front-side of the blade and the “M.S.” stamp + steel-type on the right, front-side.

  • From June 2006 - June 2010 my knives & swords had the “Rader” logo on the left, front-side of the blade and the “J.S.” stamp on the right, front-side.